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After four months of unemployment, not a single one of them had found a new job.  Whatever happens, this journal will demonstrate the following important principle: if you trust authors to do their own typesetting and copy-editing to a satisfactory standard, with the help of suggestions from referees, then the cost of running a mathematics journal can be at least two orders of magnitude lower than the cost incurred by traditional publishers.On the heels of successive scoops that identified and raised ethical questions about its new owners, The Las Vegas Review Journal on Sunday took the bold step of publishing a front-page editorial reaffirming its commitment to transparency. First, post it on the arXiv, selecting one of the CC-BY options when it asks you which licence you want to use (this is important for ensuring that the journal complies with the open-access requirements of various funding bodies, but if you have already posted the article under a more restrictive licence, you can always use a CC-BY licence for the version that is revised in the light of comments from referees).We are pleased to announce the results of the eighth edition of the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service, sponsored by Baker & Taylor`s Bibliostat.  Not everybody reads blogs, so one way that you can support the journal is to bring it to the attention of anybody you know who might conceivably have a suitable paper for it. The sooner we can build up an initial list of interesting papers, the sooner the journal can become established, and the sooner the cheap arXiv overlay model can start competing with the expensive traditional models of publication.Three years ago, the Jewish Journal looked into whether the nuclear contamination from Rocketdyne`s Santa Susana Field Laboratory posed continuing health concerns at Brandeis-Bardin Institute (BBI) in Simi Valley.  The adoption of the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalEPCA) in the U.S. also strikes a blow for privacy advocates and against government overreach by requiring law enforcement agencies to acquire a warrant before they can search through a person`s email, texts or other online documents - regardless of it being stored on a device or in the cloud.Keeping a journal is often recommended as a powerful tool to aide addicts on their road to recovery.  Calling out his former partner, Tyga raps, Looking at my story, breaking down my glory / Judging my highlights, winning shots like Horry / Always trying to take from me, criticize, hate on me / Want to call me fake ‘cause you really can`t relate to me.” With its layered production bolstered by fiery guitar licks, Drive Fast, Live Young” is easily the album standout.
A short 20-minute drive from the international airport in Liberia with direct flights from the U.S. This gated, guarded, exquisitely planned resort community is as exotic as the natural beauty that surrounds it. PACIFICO owners and guests enjoy many resort-style amenities including a private Beach Club with Restaurant & Bar; Health Club & Spa - with tennis courts and commercial conveniences that include The Auto Mercado Center and The Village Shops.Me neither, until I learned that regular journaling can strengthen these important immune cells. More research, chronicled at PsychCentral , also shows that journaling can reduce symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Journaling helps process emotions, which are an often ignored obstacle to weight loss and healthy habits! The emotional aspect of weight loss is overlooked, and journaling is proven to help with emotional processing.He previously reported for Poynter as a Google Journalism Fellow and Naughton Fellow, covering journalism innovation, business practices and ethics. This year, there are 261 Star Libraries, 54 of which were not Star Libraries last year. The 2015 LJ Index—the basis for the Star ratings—is derived from data recently released by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for FY13.If you are new to the LJ Index and the Star Library ratings, please consult the FAQ , which will probably answer all or most of your questions about when, why, and how the LJ Index and Star Library ratings were created; the sources and limitations of the data on which they are based; and how they do—or why they don`t—address certain issues. As we often do, we begin this year with a rundown of the changes among the Star Libraries since last year`s edition. Join Library Journal and a roster of design experts for our latest 4-week interactive online course.Each year, the constellation of Star Libraries changes with the data reported (and not reported), the movement of public libraries from one spending peer group to another, the relative fortunes of libraries in the same peer group, and the actual fortunes of individual institutions. However, many patients don`t stick with journaling because it can be a tedious practice.